AWG Polonez

tuv1 Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 for the design, manufacture and sales of automobile catalytic converters.


e24 e9 e3 European Approval

Our products are homologated For Europe (E24, E9, E3).
The standards limit emission of new vehicles sold in the European Union, have been developed in a series of European Directives.

EURO 2 Directive 94/12/EC(&96/69/EC) For passenger cars. In force since 1996.

EURO 3 Directive 98/69/EC [12] for all vehicles. In Force since 2000.

EURO 4 Directive 98/69/EC (&2002/80/EC) for all vehicles. In force since 2005.

EURO 5 Directive 2007/715/EC [13] For light cars and service. Valid from 2009.

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