Guarantees and performance requirements

AWG Polonez

AWG POLONEZ is giving guarantee for correct working of it’s catalytic converter for time period of 12 months or 50 000 km, depends which happens earlier, under the Following conditions:

  • Car is originally equipped with catalytic converter
  • Installation of catalytic converter has to take place in specialized diagnostic station or in a car’s workshop allowed to interchange of exhaust systems
  • Delete all car defects which may cause damage of catalytic converter
  • Together with replacement of catalytic converter caused by expenditure (80 000,100 000 km) lambda probe has to be replaced
  • If there is a need of placing connector in front of catalytic converter, only connectors from Steel pipes must be used with paying attention on tightness of whole exhaust system
  • Catalytic converter must be used strictly according to permissible engine capacity and according to sizes of previous catalytic converter.

AWG POLONEZ is not giving guarantee on mechanical damage of it’s catalytic converter. Guarantee is not given when a car is fueled by gas. Guarantee card without date, stamp and signatures, or with any amendments and deletions is invalid. In case of occurrence of defects in correct work of catalytic converter caused by producer’s fault, catalytic converter will be replaced with new one at the place of its purchase only after showing valid guarantee and receipt confirming buying. In case of loosing guarantee card AWG POLONEZ is not offering copies. All the AWG POLONEZ recommendation should be strictly obeyed:

  • lt’s forbidden to run car using mechanical power from outside (by pushing or towing)
  • lt’s forbidden to control work of engine with removed endings of ignition wires
  • Sparking plugs have to be replaced strictly according to producer’s recommendation, average on every 10 000-15 000 km
  • Any damages of system indicated by „Mi” lamp- Malfunction Indicator has to be checked and controlled – pulsate “Mi” lamp indicating defect „no ignition” which may cause damage of catalytic converter
  • High voltage cables should be controlled
  • Engine oil must be replaced strictly according to producer’s recommendation.

Engine work must be periodically checked in specialized diagnostic station.

Three way catalytic converter was designed to meet European standard For exhaust fumes. To meet standards in engine control system four types of diagnostics must be used:

  • Diagnostic of catalytic converter- thanks to diagnostic memory allows to specify catalytic converter performance
  • Diagnostic of power
  • Misfire diagnostic- system allows to diagnose lack of ignition, which may cause damage of catalytic converter or increasing of fumes emission
  • Lambda probe diagnostic: thanks to diagnostic memory allows to specify lambda probe performance.

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